Super Heroes Review – NZ Herald

Down the road at Bath Street Gallery a totally different spirit prevails. Super Heroes by Chris Hargreaves is international in style, with photographs, sculpture and photographs of sculpture.

The principal series of photos, excellently printed and presented, are of a plastic toy hero, GI Joe, striking various warrior stances. The effect is polished irony. The same toy figures are covered with gold leaf and mounted on tall pedestals but the largest sculptural work is a series of swings hung from the ceiling with bailing twine. They are titled Swings and Roundabouts.

The strongest element is a group of three stealth aircraft made of wood and mounted like ducks on the wall. Each has a special surface. One shows a view of a town that is a potential target. It is a dream of a drone attack. Another shows galaxies and nebulae. It is a dream of space. The third is gold, a dream of value and cost. Everything is carefully crafted but each aspect comes across as seeking meaning in a world without surety.

TJ McNamara. Weekend Herald 27th October 2012.

Thank you TJ for a fantastic review!

Special thanks must go to Bath Street Gallery for providing a stunning space

Also John at Digital Darkroom for the amazing prints

And Daryl at The Framing Studio for the awesome frames!

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