Heavier than Air Object #5

Heavier than Air Object #5


North American White Oak (Quercus spp), Rimu (Dacrydium cupressinum)

1200mm(L) x 1000mm(W) x 420mm (H)


This work is part of the indoor show at the biannual exhibition, Sculpture in the Gardens located at the Auckland Botanic Gardens.

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New Work at Brick Bay

Artificial Stations for Preceeding Atmospheric Movement. 2011

Marine grade aluminium, Photographic Vinyl. 800mm (W) x 400mm (H) x 900mm(L) (each).

I recently installed a new work at Brick Bay Sculpture Trail which will be on the trail for around 2 years unless sold prior. My other work at Brick Bay; Blind Refuge is still on the trail and is just around the corner from my new pieces which creates quite an interesting conversation. More to follow soon with a short video…

Navigating Clouds

Metaphysical polyhedra



caelum accipiter : Mothballed, 2011

caelum accipiter : Mothballed, 2011.
Glass, Oak, Plastic, Pine, Velvet.
approx 600x600x1000 (mm).

One must travel well off the beaten track to find a place where bird life is near its primitive condition. In all parts of the mainland there have been changes by the elimination of one or more species. The change has not been altogether one of the disappearance of native birds and their replacement by introduced species. Many kinds have gone and left nothing in their place.

– New Zealand Birds. W.R.B. Oliver.

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John Hurrell Review

Hargreave’s mirror pup tent mesmerises with its silvery stainless steel flanks confusingly reflecting the trees and sky

John Hurrell is a New Zealand writer, artist, curator and editor of eyeCONTACT blog site. He recently reviewed Brick Bay Sculpture Park and my work Blind Refuge which will be on display until the end of the year. I am currently working on a new piece for Brick Bay.

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The Halo Project

The dawn chorus is silenced by jet engines… metronomic steps are interrupted by an authoritarian loudspeaker… ebbing waves are broken by playful children…


Artist Chris Hargreaves creates a stunning collision of the sounds of the Manukau region with his sculptural new media exhibition at Uxbridge Centre of Arts as part of the Manukau Festival of Arts 2010.

Audio Track Listing:

1. A low hum in the void.
2. Blessings of cross-cultural harmonics
3. Pronunciation of environmental scales
4. Prelude to a Valdivian forrest
5. Concentric glory at 12 Hz

Essay by Matt Blomeley here.

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The Halo Project – Manukau Festival of the Arts

More to follow shortly…